Online Catalogue

Online Catalogue in the works!

Well, we’ve finally started working on an online catalogue! We’ve been using our current website to highlight new products, but the software isn’t really designed for this use. We’re using osCommerce, which is an open source program; we’re still learning the software so please be patient. The site is sitting on its own domain right now (; we’re considering migrating our “regular” site (the one you’re on now) so both options are in the same location.

Please send us any feedback or suggestions. Don’t feel shy! We are still working out some of the glitches (eg American spelling of “catalog” and “check” even though we have the Canadian/UK option chosen), but hope you will take a moment to look around. If you have any product ideas, let us know!

We are using the catalogue to demonstrate the wide variety of bikes, parts, and accessories that VanCycle carries. We are currently NOT using the live shopping cart module, but orders can still be placed; no payment will be taken. Instead, we will receive notification of an order and will contact the customer to arrange delivery.

If you have any questions about our products please call or e-mail.

Remember, we price match and deliver

Phone: 778-881-3278


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