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City of Vancouver: bike share program

The City of Vancouver is currently looking at introducing a bike share program.

The two open houses have passed, but you can still take a peek at the display boards and provide your input.

From the City’s website:

Next Steps:

In April 2011, the City released a Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEOI) to invite applications from interested parties to develop, install, own, operate and finance a Public Bicycle System in the City of Vancouver, targeting launch in spring 2012 or earlier. City staff are reviewing the responses to this RFEOI and will present their results to Council this summer. Council will then decide whether or not to pursue a PBS in Vancouver.

If a PBS implementation is pursued, additional public consultation will take place in the fall of 2011.

For more Information:

For more information, e-mail the Bicycle Hotline at

Additional information on public bicycle systems in other cities can be found on the The Bike-sharing Blog.

For further information on cycling in Vancouver, please visit our Bike Vancouver Facebook page.

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Freeze Your Bike Off Ride a success!

Velopalooza’s Freeze Your Bike Off ride was a success! Everyone made it through the rain, pedalling their way to the Brixton Cafe. Some riders showed up in great costumes…sharks on bikes, tux with tails, wetsuit…

VanCycle enjoyed leading the kids ride and handing out the loot bags! Chatting with families at the Brixton was a great way to hear the positive feedback about the ride.

Thanks to the following helpers!

  • Cale, owner of the Brixton (212 E Georgia…Main & Georgia) for use of the cafe and lovely hot bowls of chili at the end of the ride
  • Val, Lise, and Flora at Norco for supplying stickers and posters for the kids’ loot bags
  • Tim Hortons community van, supplying coffee,  hot chocolate, and Timbits at the beginning of the ride
  • Six Cent Press for donating fun buttons for the kids’ loot bags
  • Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition for lending their bike parking racks

Bookmark Velopalooza’s website to keep updated on upcoming rides and events. Don’t forget there are two weeks of fun coming up in June! Their Facebook site also lists upcoming events.

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What if we lived in Toronto…

In case you’re unfamiliar with Rob Ford, he’s the newly elected mayor of Toronto.
Don’t worry, he apparently doesn’t like runners, either.

Thanks to Alane for sending us the YouTube link.

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Information session on Hornby separated bike lane: Sept 8

From the City of Vancouver’s website:

Separated bike lanes are routes where cyclists are physically separated from traffic by a barrier. The lanes create more protection and make cyclists feel safer – especially less experienced riders – and encourage more people to get out of their cars and onto bikes into downtown.

Come out to a public information session and see the proposed design for the Hornby separated bike lane.

Wednesday, September 8 from 11 am to 7 pm
Pacific Centre rotunda (701 West Georgia Street)

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Dunsmuir Lane officially opens June 15

The Dunsmuir Street bike lane has officially opened! If you haven’t used it yet, try it out.

It provides a quick, safe, and easy route, connecting East Vancouver to downtown (taking advantage of the Dunsmuir Viaduct bike lane).

The two-way lane has its own sets of traffic lights when heading east (Dunsmuir is a west-bound one-way street), plant boxes, LOTS of bike racks, and is physically separated from car traffic. As has been mentioned a few times in the media, there are a few wrinkles so far due to cars parking in the actual bike lane to unload to businesses, cars accidentally driving in the lane, and confusion as to where cars can turn right, but hopefully these will be ironed out in the near future.

For those who have been avoiding cycling downtown, this is a great opportunity to try again. There is a definite sense of safety and comfort when using these new lanes.

Check out the City of Vancouver’s website for more information.

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Mapping site for bike routes

There’s a website that allows you to see different layers of a map, highlighting bike routes. Some of the options include: Designated Bike Routes, Alternate Bike Routes, Drinking Fountains, etc.. Just make sure that after you tick the layers you want to view,  scroll to the bottom and click on “Update Layers”–sometimes the button isn’t very visible.

It covers almost all of the lower mainland.

It looks like a group out of UBC called “cyclingincities” has put this together with other sponsors.

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