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Burley Bee child trailer

Burley Bee Trailer

  • 1-2 Children
  • Complete with bicycle tow kit
  • Clear window with UV inhibitor
  • Non-zip 2-in-1 cover for rainy days
  • 1 Interior pocket
  • $450 plus HST (we price match and deliver)

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    Stollen bike

    Get it? Stollen bike

    Love your bike? Get a good lock for it! Ask us about which lock would be best for your bike. We also have lots of information on keeping your bike safe and sound.

    Happy Valentines Day from VanCycle

    PS: please don’t mock the dough art…

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    Check out our online catalogue for our most up-to-date listing of helmets.

    Mace C4

    • Old school classic with new school graphics
    • Polycarbonate shell
    • CPSC and CE approved
    • Many different colours and designs available
    • Small / Medium (55-59cm)
    • Large / X-Large (59-63cm)

    $40.00 plus HST (we price match and deliver)

    Lazer Max Kids

    • 11 vents
    • Glued-on outer shell (not taped)
    • Insect net (air vents)
    • Reflective stickers
    • 235g
    • CE – CPSC – AS
    • Other designs
    • Unisize: adjustable, 3XS-M (49-56cm)

    $40.00 plus HST (we price match and deliver)

    Lazer X3M

    • In-mold (1 piece)
    • 13 vents
    • Neck reinforcement
    • Visor
    • 240g
    • CE – CPSC – AS approved
    • S-XL (54cm – 51cm)
    • Other colors available

    $50.00 plus HST (we price match and deliver)

    Lazer Sphere

    • In-mold (2 pieces)
    • Rollsys retention system
    • 18 vents
    • RBS
    • X static pads
    • Coloured straps
    • Ponytail friendly
    • Telephone ear holder
    • CE CPSC AS
    • XXS-M / L-XL

    $145.00 plus HST (we price match and deliver)

    Many more options available.
    Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for an item not listed here.

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    “One Got Fat” and other helpful videos…

    If you haven’t seen this, give yourself 15 minutes to sit and watch this all the way through.
    It’s just plain weird. And sorta creepy.
    Notice that helmets aren’t even mentioned in any of these videos.

    Don’t forget to register your bike with BikeRevolution or you could face the same fate as poor ol’ Mossby Pomegranate.
    More information about the video here.
    And don’t forget: “If you don’t know how to check your bike, get a bike mechanic to help you.”

    Check out this kid’s outfit and hair!
    The video title says 1948, but some of the commenters say it looks later (50′s).
    “And above all, never be a show-off…it doesn’t pay”.

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    Zigo Leader X2 Carrier Bicycle now available!

    VanCycle is now an official dealer for Zigo products in Vancouver!

    The first product we are offering is the 7-speed Zigo Leader X2 Carrier. We see this product as the safest method to transport children while cycling.

    This is the best way for parents and young children to enjoy cycling together!

    “The first parent-powered family transportation system. Place one or two children in the ChildPod, put on a helmet, and you’re ready to ride. The LeaderLink System allows the Leader to uncouple in 30 seconds or less, transforming it into the separate elements, Zigo ChildPod and Zigo Cycle.”

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    • The Zigo Cycle is a two wheel, adult bicycle with 20” wheels and multiple speeds. The Zigo ChildPod is a child stroller with caster wheels and weatherproof drum brakes.
    • The ChildPod and trailer arm can be purchased separately to be used with your existing bike.
    • Accommodates up to two children (ChildPod) and one parent (Cycle).
    • LeaderLink System translates the Zigo Cycle’s steering movement to the ChildPod’s 20” rear wheels; also connects the Zigo Cycle’s front brake lever to the ChildPod’s drum brakes.
    • Disengage the LeaderLink System to convert the Zigo Leader Carrier Bicycle into the Zigo ChildPod, (for use as an independent stroller), and the Zigo Cycle (a fully functional multispeed bicycle).
    • Front bumper crumple zone keeps kids safe.
    • Parking brake to keep Leader steady when loading and unloading ChildPod; also serves as a Jogging brake in Jogger Mode.
    • Rear window of ChildPod keeps the kids in the parent’s line of sight at all times.
    • Comes with one adjustable 5-point padded restraint harness, expandable to two.
    • Sunshade to protects children from glare; integrated quick release Sunshade window for parental reassurance of child safety.
    • Interior seat cushions for added child comfort; removable for easy cleaning.
    • Interior child pockets for juice, snacks, and toys.
    • Rear pockets for added storage.
    • ChildPod fits through standard 32” ADA doorways; folds flat for easy storage.
    • ChildPod has a 4 position adjustable handlebar for use in Leader Carrier Bicycle mode, ChildPod Stroller mode and ChildPod Storage Mode.
    • Zigo Cycle has swept back handlebars and front to back saddle adjustment for increased rider comfort.

    Carrier Bike Mode: Modular, parent-powered transportation for streets or bike paths, errands, school/day care commuting, or just fun!

    Stroller Mode: Swivel the casters down, uncouple the modular ChildPod®, and in 30 seconds or less your Leader™ is a stroller for malls, walks, or errands.

    Jogger Mode: Casters swivel up, optional Zigo® Jogger Kit snaps right in, and your Leader™ is a jogger for exercise and recreation.

    Cycle Mode: Disconnect the modular ChildPod®, lock in the front wheel (included), and your Zigo® Leader™ is a fully functional bicycle.

    Trailer Mode: Mum loves the forward-positioned ChildPod® but Dad wants a trailer? No problem. The optional Zigo® Trailer Kit converts the ChildPod® to a standard bicycle trailer useable with any bicycle.

    $1,749.00 plus HST (accessories are extra)

    Check out lots of photos on Zigo’s Flickr’s stream.

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    BikeGlow Safety Lights special for August!

    VanCycle carries BikeGlow safety lights!

    Special for the month of August! Burning Man Special. $25 plus HST

    The BikeGlow Safety Light is a bicycle light (EL) designed to wrap around your bike frame to illuminate the entire frame from all angles. Bright, available in a variety of colours to stand out.

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    • 3 metres (10 ft) flexible light tube uses electroluminescent technology and features bright colours for increased visibility from side
    • Choose between steady, slow flashing, and fast flashing modes
    • 3-1/2″ x 1-1/4″ power unit attaches to bike with included strap; unit weighs less than 56 grams (2 oz)
    • Light attaches by wrapping around frame tubing and secures tightly with included attachment ties or tape
    • BikeGlow is lightweight and secure enough to be left on your bike so you have safety lighting always at the ready
    • Waterproof battery housing (takes 2 AA batteries)
    • Battery life flashing: 120 hours
    • Battery life steady: 50 hours

    Available colours:

    • Aqua
    • Yellow
    • Pink
    • Blue
    • Green
    • White
    • Purple
    • Red

    $30.00 plus HST

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