Free tune-ups for kids bikes

VanCycle offers free tune-ups for kids bikes with 24″ wheels or smaller!        (parts and installation not included)

We encourage parents to ensure their children are riding bikes that are both safe and easy to ride. There are numerous benefits to maintaining your child’s bike:

  1. SAFETY!!
  2. More fun! Riding a smooth-riding bike is more fun than struggling on a neglected one (eg gears not working properly, inadequate brakes)
  3. Longevity: the bike will last longer, can be passed on to other children
  4. Retain its value: can be resold once your child has outgrown the bike
  5. Good example: show your child the value of looking after their possessions
  6. Cost effective: maintenance is cheaper than potentially expensive repairs
  7. Will encourage your child to enjoy the life long benefits of cycling

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.

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