Velopalooza Finale: June 13, 2010

Sunday June 13th was the Veloplaooza Finale at Strathcona Park.  This event was the last in a week-long extravaganza of bike events ranging from the opening night party at the Wise Hall to the Fish and Chip ride to Steveston, the Superhero ride,  80’s theme event, and many more (you can see the list on the Velopalooza site so you can get excited for next year!).

The weather cooperated and there was lots to see and do…the Carnival Band, B:C:Clettes, various bands, food, bike polo, bmx trials, and much more!

VanCycle enjoyed meeting many new people and checking out their bikes…some just needed minor tweaks, others required substantially more work, but it was great to see such a wide cross-section of people and their bikes. It was also fun when the cotton fluff started drifting through the park—it looked like snow on a warm sunny day!

Keep checking our website to see where we’ll be next. If you have a suggestion for an event where you would like to see us, let us know!

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