Locks and security

Vancouver has a high rate of bike theft so it’s vital to LOCK UP YOUR BIKE! Even if you’re only leaving it “just for a second”. Lock the frame of your bicycle to a bike rack, parking meter, or similar fixed steel structure. Also, lock your bike when parking it at home. Thefts often happen from garages, backyards, and even inside homes.

Check out these articles: Province Newspaper, Georgia Straight

Most bikes come with quick release (QR) wheels and/or seats. The original purpose for the QR wheels was to allow flat tire repair during a ride. The original purpose for QR seat posts was to allow riders to lower their saddle for technical descents off-road. For the average cyclist the QR mechanism is unnecessary; instead, it facilitates the theft of wheels and/or seats.

For this reason, extra care is needed to prevent the theft of these components, along with the security of the bike as a whole.

Quick release mechanisms can be replaced with bolts (both wheels and seat post for $10) or with locking fasteners ($30-$100). Locking fasteners are the preferred option as a key is required for removal whereas bolts would still allow for potential theft (a wrench could remove these).

As a guideline,  your lock should cost 10% of the value of your bike.

VanCycle carries a wide variety of locks suitable for all your security needs.

Main Lock (locking up the bike as a whole)

  • smaller is better (lighter, cheaper, stronger)
  • do not use a cable lock (they are easily and quickly cut)
  • use only a solid steel lock (eg. u-lock)

Quick Release Components

  • Good: cable in addition to main lock…loop it through the wheels and connect to main u-lock…it is virtually impossible to secure your seat with this method
  • Better: Allen bolts (more convenient than a cable, but may be less secure)
  • Best: locking fasteners for wheels and seat post (more expensive, but most convenient and secure)

Note on the Bic pen flaw: the problem with locks being opened using a pen has been resolved. The segment of the lock market that was affected by this flaw has reconfigured their design and only older locks would still be susceptible.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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