Helmet question

We received a question regarding children’s bike helmets, more specifically, the suitability of full face mountain bike helmets for street use.
If your child is participating in trail/technical riding (eg North Shore trails), it would be advisable to use a full face helmet. This will protect your child’s face (especially teeth) from falls and crashes that may be encountered in such terrain. However, for regular street use, these may be too hot and heavy.

When purchasing a helmet, there are a number of features to look for:

  1. Fit: make sure it is the appropriate size. Typically, entry level helmets come in one size and are adjusted to fit. For smaller heads, the one-size helmets may look big as the shell is big to fit all heads. More expensive helmets come in multiple sizes providing a better look and fit
  2. Ventilation: more expensive helmets provide more ventilation (and are lighter)
  3. Age: manufacturers recommend a helmet should not be worn if it is older than five years. Check the date of manufacture on the label inside the helmetIntegrity: if a helmet was involved in an accident, replace it (even if it looks fine); bicycle helmets are designed for one impact. The exception would be BMX  multi-impact helmets. If in doubt, get a new one! Note: VanCycle does not recommend wearing a used helmet
  4. Wearability: let your child pick a helmet he/she likes. This will encourage them to wear their helmet

There are many helmet designs that children (and adults) love to wear! Everything from Bob the Builder to flowers to a baby bird hatching from a shell!
VanCycle carries a wide range of both children and adult helmets. We can show you a range of suitable helmets and ensure a proper fit.

Thanks for the question, Baden!

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