Vouwfiets Vaterland

We recently completed some work on a Vaterland folding bike for a client here in Vancouver.

This is an entertaining short film…a day in the life of another Vaterland bike.  It is available in HD so choose this option if your computer has the capability.

Translated blurb (Google translator) about the film from Eu Vou de Bike:

“Ever wonder what a bike forgotten somewhere, we went through several owners, must have witnessed?

In the video Vouwfiets Vaterland, shot in the Netherlands, cycling is a main character in an adventure with many cyclists. Directed by Marten van Warmerdam and Wouter Zaalberg, the video has beautiful pictures and a delightful soundtrack.

The short film was shown at the Nederlands Online Film Festival and, according to the blog Cranks in the Bike Film Festival .

The name of the video, “Vouwfiets Vaterland” is a reference to model folding bicycle factory German Vaterland, founded in 1906.  The company closed its doors in 2007 but still has many fans in Europe. In the German eBay, there are some folding bikes to the Vaterland auction….

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