Interbike 2010: Las Vegas

VanCycle just got back from the 2010 Interbike Trade Show in Las Vegas! Along with the glitz and glamour of the hotels, casinos, and interesting characters, there was a massive array of new and innovative products on display at the Sands Convention Centre. Wall to wall booths highlighted everything from bikes to parts to tools to accessories.

It was interesting to meet the people behind the products. For example the two guys giving out samples of their new recovery drink, Fluid, said it started as a university project.

Detours had a display featuring their grassroots Money From Trash collection. Blurb from their site: “Some of the trash, such as the ever-present juice packs, is recycled into new products by co-op members and then sold locally and around the world. The soft polyethylene juice packs are one of the most common drink packaging found in the Philippines. Mountains of these juice packs are collected at schools and shopping malls, washed, sorted by color and size and then transformed into a wide array of innovative, fun and colorful end products, like some of our bike bags.”

There were lots of great giveaways like stickers, magazines, energy drinks, and LOTS of bags! The bag given out by the China Display had a fun picture on it!

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Alongside the commercial aspect to the show was the advocacy side of cycling. Although it was aimed at American cyclists, much of the information is useful for Canadians. The League of American Cyclists produced a report, 2010 Bicycle Friendly America. This publication reviews various communities in the US, showcasing the success stories in the advancement of cycling. It also includes a section on bicycle friendly businesses. In both cases, the specific statistics and logistics are spelled out.

For example, the city of Davis, California (pop. 64,000) boasts a 14% commuter rate! When asked why Davis has been so successful, VanCycle was told it was due to the dedicated effort to establish bike-friendly infrastructure for the last 40 years (eg. Davis has bike lanes on approximately 95% of all its arterials and collectors!)

An example of a business receiving “platinum” status is the New Belgium Brewing Company in Fort Collins, Colorado. The company has given more than 250 bikes to employees who have worked at least one year for the brewery. They also raised more than $500,000 for bicycle non-profits through their Tour de Fat program in 2009.  Read more about the report here.

VanCycle has partnered with Bike Revolution and its new free bike registry program. This will allow cyclists to register their bikes in case of theft. Please read our full post for further information. We’re the first Canadian partner!

Here are some great photos taken by Gord’s Ski and Bike in Winnipeg, who were also at Interbike. Thanks to Gord’s for the link! We love their tagline: “two locations conveniently located in the center of Canada“. That’s funny!

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