Bike to Work Week: a successful week!

Well, Bike to Work Week has come to a successful finish!

If you didn’t make it to one of the commuter stations, you will have to wait until June! What did you miss? Hot chocolate, snacks, prizes, free mechanical services, and the chance to meet lots of great people!!

Here’s the schedule for the week to give you an idea of what will happen again in June.

Have a look at the photos VanCycle took at some of the commuter stations.

The first set is from Smithe and Expo, the north entrance to the Cambie Bridge. It doesn’t look very busy because we took these as we were setting up…it can get really busy and we forget to take photos! We also wanted to get some photos before it got too dark. Luckily, the weather held out for us.

The next set (with the sun and the trees) is at Langara. The weather turned out to be beautiful!

Third set is at the VACC office at 3rd and Ontario. The weather and sun continued to hold out for us.

On Wednesday morning, we were at BCIT. One of the highlights at this location was the three-wheeled “vehicle” designed by students in the Technology Teacher Education program. Check out this video to see more about their year-end projects. We started in the dark at this location, but enjoyed a nice sunrise. We also liked the home-made light protector (aka coriander package).

The last set is from the Hot Chocolate Social on Friday on Union at Gore.

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