Freeze Your Bike Off Ride a success!

Velopalooza’s Freeze Your Bike Off ride was a success! Everyone made it through the rain, pedalling their way to the Brixton Cafe. Some riders showed up in great costumes…sharks on bikes, tux with tails, wetsuit…

VanCycle enjoyed leading the kids ride and handing out the loot bags! Chatting with families at the Brixton was a great way to hear the positive feedback about the ride.

Thanks to the following helpers!

  • Cale, owner of the Brixton (212 E Georgia…Main & Georgia) for use of the cafe and lovely hot bowls of chili at the end of the ride
  • Val, Lise, and Flora at Norco for supplying stickers and posters for the kids’ loot bags
  • Tim Hortons community van, supplying coffee,  hot chocolate, and Timbits at the beginning of the ride
  • Six Cent Press for donating fun buttons for the kids’ loot bags
  • Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition for lending their bike parking racks

Bookmark Velopalooza’s website to keep updated on upcoming rides and events. Don’t forget there are two weeks of fun coming up in June! Their Facebook site also lists upcoming events.

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