Velopalooza Bike Wash! 2011

Velopalooza Bike Wash

Note: if you’re looking for information about the 2012 Bike Wash, go here.

Saturday turned out to be a great day at Union Market and the Wilder Snail for bike washing and tune-ups! Everyone was kept busy washing bikes; lots of winter build-up to clean. After getting a nice wash, the bikes came to the VanCycle stand for an inspection and tune-up.

We were joined later in the day by all the Bike the Blossom participants. It was great to see everyone coming along Union, like a big parade!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and dropped off a donation for Velopalooza’s festival in June.

Thanks to all the great volunteers who stayed all day washing, washing, washing….

Thanks to Union Market for letting us use their space and their water. Also thanks for the snack and coffee donations for the volunteers.

If you missed Saturday’s bike wash, come and find us on May 28th at Ontario and 10th Avenue. Check the Velopalooza website for more details.

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Look at all the bikes on the Bike the Blossom Ride!!!!!

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