Updated stats from VPD: July 2011

Constable Longley from the Vancouver Police Department has provided us with some updated statistics on bike theft in Vancouver.

In 2010 (the whole year) there were 1919 bicycles stolen

In 2010 to July 20 there had been 901 bicycles stolen

In 2011 to July 20 there have been  826 bicycles stolen

These stats reflect the number of reported bike thefts.

Constable Longley also pointed out that roughly the same number of bikes ended up at the annual VPD bike auction. These are bikes that could have been returned to their owners, but they were not reported. Owners had also not engraved their BC Drivers Licence number on their bike, which can help the police re-unite bikes and owners.

VanCycle encourages cyclists to protect their bikes! If you are the unfortunate victim of bike theft, report it to your local police department! Check our other posts on related topics.

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Keeping a Record of Your Bike

Previous Theft Stats

Thanks again to Constable Longley for all her help!

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