2012 VPD Bike Auction

This weekend is the 2012 VPD Bike Auction.

They have posted a video previewing the bikes.

AUCTION TITLE: Annual Vancouver Police Recovered Goods Auction
DATE/TIME: Saturday May 5th 2012, 9:00am
ADDRESS:1055 Vernon Drive, Vancouver, BC
PREVIEW DATE/TIME: Thursday May 3rd & Friday May 4th noon to 6pm
Able Auctions for more details.
Just a heads up if you’re thinking of going to the bike auction:
Unless you are extremely knowledgeable about bicycles, the police auction may NOT be a good place to buy a bicycle. After years of taking in customers’ bikes that they purchased from the VPD auction, we have yet to see a bike that was bought for a decent price.
Every bike purchased through the auction, that we have worked on, has been far from the deal that people think they are getting. If you imagine what a bike goes through once it is stolen, it’s not hard to understand the condition that these bike are in.
Besides the fact that you are buying a used bike (worn out parts) you are buying a bike that has most likely been through some pretty rough treatment (damage components/frame). So…it may be worth checking out the preview day to make sure you know what you’re buying.

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