Vancouver Bicycle Rides and Events: Bike Rave 2012

Bike Rave Type: Public Ride

Friday June 15th 9:00pm

Annual Bike Rave! – Meet at 9:00pm Crab Park, 149 E Waterfront Road, Vancouver. We roll out at 10:00pm Sharp along the Stanley Park seawall and finish at Strathcona Park Oval – more details and RSVP via

* Ride Route: Map-1 Map-2

* How to BIKE RAVE: A Comprehensive Guide

Step 1) Lights. All of them. On your bike. So many lights. Don’t not do this.

Step 2) Bring A portable music player (iPod/MP3 player) loaded with the Official 2012 Bike Rave playlist: – Links: modemgirl  bicycletouringhub  mux  BitTorrent  DropBox  Google Drive

Step 3) Some sort of speaker to play the music through.

Step 4) Snacks, beverages, and anything else you’ll need to ride and dance and have probably a bit too much fun for 5 hours.

Step 5) Show up at Crab Park at 9pm (ride leaves at 10pm sharp).


* Going to be late? – we’ll be easy to find. Ride the route backwards, or even in the right direction if you like. We’ll be slow, loud, well lit and silly.

* Your Host: Eric Staal

via Vancouver Bicycle Rides and Events: Bike Rave.

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