Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are licensed in the City of Vancouver as a Mobile Bicycle Shop. That means we come to you…there is no store front. Give us a call or use our Contact Form.

Can you really do a full repair from your truck?

Yes, the truck is a full-service mobile shop. We carry all tools, parts, and accessories in the truck. If it is more convenient for you, we can pick up your bike and return it a later time.

Will you come to my workplace?

Yes, we can provide full service to any location in Vancouver. We can repair or tune up your bike while you’re at work. This allows you to ride home!

When are you going to be in my neighbourhood?

VanCycle doesn’t “set up shop” in various locations; we make appointments with customers and meet them at their workplace or home. We also attend many community events sponsored by Velopalooza and the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition. Check our Calendar of Events to see where we’ll be next! Drop by and let us have a look at your bike (no cost except a donation to the sponsoring non-profits).

Do you sell helmets?

Yes, we sell helmets. And bells, locks, panniers, fenders, racks, lights, baskets, and all of the  other accessories you would find at a bike shop.

Can I buy parts from you?

Yes, VanCycle carries a wide variety of parts, which are available for sale. We can also special order hard-to-find parts.

Aren’t you more expensive than a regular bike shop?

Our labour rates are on par with other shops in the Lower Mainland and there is no additional charge for on-site repair or pick up/delivery. We also price-match on all our accessories and parts.

Do you charge a fee to for service calls?

No, we do not charge any fees for service calls. We are also able to pick up your bike and return it at a later time. We do not charge for pick-up or delivery.

Do you sell bikes?

Yes, we carry a variety of bikes (commuter, folding, electric, Zigo, balance, etc). We don’t carry them in the truck unless someone arranges this ahead of time.

Do you sell used bikes?

No, we are not licensed to sell used bikes, accessories, or parts.

Do you buy used bikes?

No, we do not purchase any use items; we are not licensed to sell used items.

Do you box bikes?

Yes, we come to you! Doesn’t that sound waaayyy easier than taking your bike to a shop? Then you have to get it home again! We charge $25, which includes the box and packing supplies.

If you have any questions that are  not addressed here, please send them along to us! We’ll add them to our list.

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